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Your Smartphone Screen isn't Built to Last

Ever wondered why your smartphone screen has a crack already? It didn't take long, did it? One study suggests that it only takes an average of 10 weeks for it to happen. Take a look around you and you'll see the same thing; other people displaying phones with cracks on the screen, too. But why? Why do we damage our new, expensive phones so quickly?

Most of us manage to live with the cracks, one or two on the outside edges of the screen won't stop us watching YouTube videos of even affect how we use them. But some people will have a screen that looks like the fractures just before Elsa's Frozen ice palace comes crashing down!

The reasons why smartphone screens crack?

You can thank physics for that; it's how the phone drops and where it impacts. Total destruction might be the result of one incident or multiple drops. The strength of your iPhone is demonstrated in this 'drop test.'

There is more to it than just phone strength. Defining modern humans is our opposable thumbs and flexible digits, able to grasp, hold and make infinite useful movements. It has made us natural born jugglers. But we are often cavalier about our skill.

If you've ever watched professional sport, you'll see cricketers with expert reflexes and exceptional hand-eye coordination sometimes drop the easiest of catches. Rugby players can juggle the simplest of passes and goalkeepers, with gloves as sticky as flypaper can fumble the most straightforward of crosses.

So it isn't surprising that we manage to drop our phones while trying to play Candy Crush or Warhammer, one-handed, and paying for our bus fare with the other.

Do screen protectors help strengthen smartphone screens?

For toughness, your screen protector will not make it less likely for your screen to crack when you drop it as it doesn't add any strength to the screen itself. However, it will protect it (somewhat) from the abrasive scratching caused by its skating, pirouette manoeuvre across the road, or from some light impact.

So it's inevitable, right?

No. What it proves is that hard surfaces and your smartphone screen are not friends. Even your five year old will likely tell you, when you drop glass onto the floor it will likely smash. So, with all things considered - the durability of glass, hard surfaces, our flippant disregard of physics and our own clumsiness - it's no surprise that you have a crack in your screen now, is it?

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