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Yosemite 10.10.3: It’s New with Photos


 Yosemite National Park, California
The earlier Yosemite upgrades of 10.10.1 and 10.10.2 concerned themselves mostly with hidden bug fixes and reliability issues. Yosemite 10.10.3 takes a good look at some major functions and introduces some improvements and new features.

In April, Apple released the latest update of Yosemite and with it new features including Photos, which replaces the old iPhoto. It also sees updates to Safari, Spotlight, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Goodbye to iPhotos

The new Photos app means we’re officially saying goodbye to iPhoto. Just like in Photos iOS it is now possible to view photos by Moments, Collections and Years, making browsing easier while storing all your photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library in their full resolution. Consequently, integration with iCloud and tools for accessing, editing, purchasing prints and making photo books is easier too, all of which can all be done from the app (including Mac, iPhone or iPad - or iCloud from another web browser).

Safari and Spotlight

It isn’t just Photos that the 10.10.3 update addresses. There have also been stability issues in Safari. The update now prevents Safari from saving website URLs used in Private Browsing and improves security too.

Bluetooth and WiFi

Apple has also fixed a Bluetooth disconnect problem too. And, for the more text-savvy users they have added over 300 new emoji characters. But there were still some continuing WiFi performance issues, which has been one of the biggest topics of complaint for Mac users since Yosemite was launched last October. Hopefully the update will now improve compatibility with captive WiFi network environments.


For the really geeky amongst you, you will also notice that the font has changed. For some this means absolutely nothing, for others it might be a hurdle to get over. It is further evidence of alignment with iOS. For those who want to know…it has switched from Lucida Grande to Helvetica Neue…most of us might not even notice!

This update should make more of an impact than previous updates, and it should (Apple hopes) make operation a smoother, more integrated process.

Have you upgraded? Are you having problems with Yosemite? Call in or contact us for help.

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