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Why does my smartphone screen shatter?

Sometimes smartphones play a risky game of dare. But have you ever considered what kind of force is required to shatter a smart screen phone?

There are two key factors preventing your smartphone (iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, Sony, Microsoft or Samsung) screen from shattering - hardness and strength.

Without hardness your screen would be subject to all sorts of scratches just from carrying it around, be it from keys in a pocket or a baby using it as a teething ring.

Strength is how the screen’s surface relates to its tension. More importantly, how many hits can it take before giving out? Just like a car windscreen, a scratch won’t affect driving, but it is a weak point and that crack will only get bigger, before eventually becoming impossible to drive safely.

So every time you drop an iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter, minuscule cracks, invisible to the naked eye begin to affect the screen. One too many careless juggles with your smartphone and crack, smash, shatter, it’s time for a new screen.

The toughest glass of all, making its way into smartphones, is gorilla glass, able to withstand over 100,000 lbs per square inch (or 700 MPa) of pressure. However, it won’t stop it shattering if enough pressure is exerted on the screen, most likely on its corner when dropped.

When a smartphone falls on its face the impact is spread over a greater area, often resulting in limited damage, but nevertheless weakening the glass, like a cat losing one of its lives.

Even smaller drops of the smartphone on a single corner can result in much more serious damage due to the focused energy of it.

Every time you do drop your smartphone it brings you closer to the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back!

Imagine getting into the car and your phone slipping out your pocket underneath the car seat. Do you; a) hope it will reappear; b)get out the car slide the seat back for better access and grab your phone? or; c) try and reach it while driving?

Cue Countdown music…

I tried option b) when this happened and as I pulled the seat lever I heard a sickening crunch realising too late that the phone had cunningly lodged itself inside the seat rails.

Despite endless conversations and moaning about how your screen broke, getting it repaired can be costly, time consuming and just annoying. Despite everything we do to try and stop our screens breaking, whether its covering the screen or buying a case, they can and they do still break.

When they do, contact Hale IT for a quick, friendly repair service call 0161 348 7880.

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