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** When things go wrong Part One: Broken Laptop Screen **

When, recently, I heard a shout from the living room, I wondered what on earth could have happened.  What I found when I went to investigate was a very interesting pattern displayed on the laptop screen accompanied by a huge crack on the left hand side.

My first thought was that one of the children must have done something to it.  We've seen plenty of examples in the shop of laptop screens being broken from kids dropping them or closing the lid with something sat on the keyboard.  The latter had happened in this case: not by one of the kids, but the IT Consultant of the family who should know better than to close the lid down whilst the charger jack is laid on the keyboard!

This just goes to show that damaged and broken down computers can, and do, happen to everyone, regardless of experience.


 Some Symptoms of Broken Laptop LCD Screens

* Cracked laptop LCD screen

* Missing pixels or lines on LCD screen

* Reduced picture sharpness on LCD screen

* Dark appearance/broken backlight on LCD screen

* Blank screen


We can replace screens in the following products:

* Laptops


* Netbooks

* Tablet PCs (iPads etc)

* iPhones


What happens next?

If your computer is experiencing one of the above symptoms, then the best course of action is to bring it to our Altrincham shop.  Once your Laptop, Netbook, iPad, Tablet PC or MacBook has been booked in for repair, an initial inspection will be carried out by one of our Engineers.  In order to quote on and install the correct screen, the laptop will need to be opened up so that the part code that is unique to your particular screen can be found and read.  They will then contact you with a quote for the cost of the replacement screen and labour.  We aim to get your computer back to you in full working order within 2 - 4 days, but this is always dependent upon the ease and speed at which we can source parts.


And here's the 'after' shot of said laptop, looking much better after a replacement screen and some TLC in our workshop:

broken laptop screen








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