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What's Wrong with Windows 10?

Windows 10 was meant to be a smooth and effortless OS upgrade for millions, but not all is well, there have been numerous reports of problems being felt by Microsoft users. Privacy issues aside, here are the main ones:

1. You are still waiting for your upgrade

There isn't much you can do if your upgrade hasn't arrived yet. Your Windows 10 upgrade is still in the queue, alongside millions of others. Still, it's worth checking you haven't missed it - open Windows Update and click 'Check'. It might be there!

2. It can't play DVDs

If you used to play DVDs on your PC, you have a small problem, because Windows 10 launched without a DVD player app. However, since then Microsoft has released one, available in the Windows store as a free download. If you don't like it there are other DVD playing apps available too.

3. My files open in the wrong apps

If you have previously changed the default file associations then your upgrade may have undone those changes. All you have to do is the whole process again, right click your file and choose 'Open With'. Make the change permanent by clicking 'Always use this app'.

4. I’m worried about Wi-Fi Sense

Windows 10 has a new feature called WiFi Sense, it automatically shares your internet connection via Wi-Fi. Ok, so it only works for contacts, but it's not within the definition of 'internet secure' is it? It's easily disabled.

5. Printer settings

The Printer interface isn't great, it doesn’t even allow you to manage any of the printers. Although Microsoft has at least added a link to the 'Devices and Printers and Device Manager' at the bottom of the page.

6. The Start menu

Microsoft has done everything it can to appease both tile lovers and menu aficionados. The result? A sort of hybrid Start menu that just might not leave every user entirely happy. It also means scrolling more than expected to navigate the Start menu.

7. Windows 10 still crashes...

...but not as often! It is troubling that buggy updates are causing computers to boot loop. Microsoft has a wonderful new method of dealing with this; Microsoft forces users to accept new updates without explaining what they are updates for!

8. Lost sound

Some users have reported problems with their sound drivers since taking the upgrade to Windows 10. Choosing a lower or higher bit rate could fix it.

9. Security software

Since installing Windows 10 some people have lost Microsoft Security Essentials. It has been replaced by Windows Defender and after your update MSE has been replaced.

And now for the privacy issues:

10. Microsoft will disclose your emails

In its end user licence Microsoft says it will 'access and disclose the contents of your emails and other information' which sounds kind of scary.

11. Express install: Maximum security disclosure

By using custom install for Windows 10 you can minimise the amount of disclosure information that is sent back to Microsoft.

12. Turn off the 'Secret Settings'

The install settings are only the start of Windows 10’s privacy settings.  To properly reduce the amount of information sent to Microsoft, select 'Settings' in the 'Start menu', choose 'Privacy' and then go to the 'Feedback and Diagnostics'. Choose 'Basic' and the amount of information sent back will be the minimum.

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