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What’s new in Windows 10?

With no Windows 9, Microsoft has jumped straight to Windows 10 which launches this Summer, new updates include Cortana, Mobile syncing and Project Spartan offering up Edge which finally replaces Internet Explorer.

So what happened to Windows 9? One theory had it that it’s name was too close to Windows 95 and 98 and that coding might be an issue on older machines. The number 9 is also an unlucky number in Japan and perhaps it was skipped because of it. But then Windows numbering has never been logical at Microsoft.


Project Spartan - Is the name given for the overhaul of the web interface. Features include distraction free reading, simplified layout both on-line and offline, and being able to annotate from the keyboard or pen right onto the webpage. Cortana’s added influence will help finding things quickly.

Microsoft Edge - The new name for its browser, replacing Internet Explorer, with a much more user-friendly and touch-friendly (and minimalist) design. The new browser will have enhanced performance (tests claim it even out performs Google Chrome), although Edge won’t be available on Android, for now.

Cortana - Prepare for Cortana to get more flirty with you as she takes an even more central role in Windows 10. The virtual helper will be lurking in Edge and will be able to launch games and apps too. If Cortana detects an event on your calendar or in your email, say movie tickets you bought on-line, it will remind you to call an Uber at the right time and call the car for you.

Windows spotlight - An optional feature that offers increased functionality to lock screens. When enabled it will learn from your preferences to provide recommendations for tips, apps or pull information from your calendar to remind you of upcoming appointments. Interaction is easy either by talking or typing.

Tablets/Phones - Windows 10 will arrive later to mobiles and tablets (as it did with Windows 8.1). On phones, Cortana will be able to field a wider range of questions with the more than 500 apps that currently support Cortana.

Resizing Aero Glass Windows - Overlapping windows are back, meaning an end to the running inside joke that Windows 8 should have been called Window 8! What’s more, they will now be translucent too, hence ‘Aero Glass’.

Continuum - This will be the streamlining of its screen when using it with mobiles and tablets ensuring the Start screen is minimalist and set out in the same format as a tablet would. Continuum will also allow Windows phones to run apps on external displays, just like they would on a PC, turning your phone into a controller for your plasma 94" TV. Delving further into the Continuum and we discover that using it on desktops will mean the ability to open up apps on other screens while maintaining your current desktop screen.

By the time the Summer arrives expect more mobile/tablet compatibility to arrive. Microsoft’s latest OS looks forward to offering a simplified screen, increased compatibility with third party apps and enhanced experience of switching deftly from mobile to desktop. But has it caught up with Google?

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