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The Benefits of Proactive Business IT Support

Hale IT’s approach to business IT support ensures a proactive level of IT management which identifies where your technology and network capability is being utilised effectively. Having the right IT partner means being prepared to experience fewer IT issues.

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Hale IT Business Support

We offer a total solution that covers everything from hardware to cloud hosting and everything in between including installation, management and support:

  • IT Solutions
  • Managed Services
  • IT Networks
  • VOIP Telephone Systems
  • Cloud Hosting
  • High Speed Connectivity
  • Backup & Security

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Total Business IT Solutions

We get you set up and ready to go quickly because we take the time to conduct a comprehensive review of your needs beforehand.

What we do:

  • Business needs analysis - we take a business audit establishing where their business is now, what the short term includes and where the longer term goals of the company lie.
  • IT audit - with the operational and business goals established we look at how your IT stacks up taking into account the existing structure and future demands.
  • Quotation - based on the information taken from the audit and from meetings with managers and directors we proposes a quotation that helps ensure your IT can help achieve your business strategy.

Hale IT always provides timescales and costs allowing for the additional support required in the beginning and allows for all cost and planning constraints. Which means we can help prepare and plan for all strategies and budgets.

This is because we don't supply off the peg software but concentrate on ensuring that databases and networks, email services and telecommunications all have the capacity and functionality required.

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Managing & Monitoring Your IT

Because we map out your present and future needs, it allows us to constantly monitor your performance based on existing and future needs, helping your business target goals without having to suffer from inadequate IT systems to support it.

High levels of management means total and instant access to your IT performance ensuring that data and security is maintained.

That means when problems arise, we'll be the first to know about it and take ownership of that problem until any issues are resolved.

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Our Business Model - Your IT Partner

Helping businesses with their IT planning helps us move away from the reactive aspect of IT support. As such when you open your new office in Manchester we'll already know how quick your broadband is and be ready to establish a shared network connection to your other locations so that it doesn't impact on your day-to-day business operation.

As an IT partner we can offer the right advice at the right time aligning your IT capabilities to your strategic business goals.

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Integrated VOIP Telecommunications

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology allows businesses to make telephone calls managed from their desktop. It has more benefits than traditional phones enabling you to integrate other software programs like email, fax and remote conferencing.

We can manage this through your Windows software, so if you want calls to go elsewhere (like your mobile), it's a quick click of the button.

VOIP puts your telecommunication firmly in your control and it includes an extensive array of call handling features making your phone system as easily updatable as your Facebook profile!

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IT Service Provider

From a customer point of view we ensure servers are backed up, managed and protected without the need to monitor themselves.

This includes setting up cloud hosting which can save money and result in less reliance on in-house mail servers.

Essentially Hale IT becomes a service provider for a business's IT including their mail servers, cloud hosting, telecommunications, and their networks.

It makes any kind of change or update to network capability - including remote and shared access - aligned with existing IT technology, ensuring smoother transition and 100% compatibility.

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