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Problems When Upgrading to Windows 10

As Microsoft's Windows 10 rollout continues, we are experiencing as many problems as there are computers at the moment. For anyone with a newer PC, Windows 10 offers a few niggles but nothing major, but if you happen to be operating Windows 7 or 8 then those little problems can turn into a paralysis of your computer.

If you are operating an older Windows version, you may recognise or experience these problems when upgrading to Windows 10:

Problem 1

"I updated my PC to Windows 10, but when I turned it on (after full download) the manufacturer's logo appeared...and then...nothing...just a blank, black screen. Although I can hear the computer making noises like it's trying to load."

Problem 2

"I updated to Windows 10 and the computer goes into a reboot loop. It loads up to the logo screen, then starts to reboot again. Even after unattaching the monitor and reattaching it makes no difference."

Problem 3

"My computer freezes up, offers me no cursor and then the monitor goes to sleep meaning I have to manually force the computer to shutdown."

Problem 4

"After updating to Windows 10 my computer just goes into hibernate mode if I haven't used the mouse after a  minute or so. I have tried to alter the sleep and power settings and have even changed all systems to default but still no change."

Problem 5

"Why does my monitor go to sleep once I log on to Windows 10?"

Problem 6

"When I try to load up Windows 10, even in normal mode, my mouse and keyboard become unresponsive, but when I boot up in 'safe mode' everything works fine?"

What we say:

If you have an older desktop computer you will experience more problems as Windows 10 is basically a newer, bolder version of Windows 8 and comes with much of the same coding and similar update problems. It doesn't help that Microsoft are trying to phase out older versions of Windows so they can operate and maintain one version of their OS and that will too will take a lot of updates to fix.

If you are having any problems with black screens, reboot loops, unresponsive hardware or having to boot up in safe mode, then call us straight away. In most cases a simple re-installation will work, and we aim to get you back on your PC feet either same day or next day.

Much of the trouble extends from incompatibility issues with graphics, meaning that Windows 10 might have loaded up properly, but you just cannot view it on your screen, but before you rush off to buy a new PC or laptop, call us on 0161 941 2525 or drop in for a chat.

We might be geeky, but we are approachable!

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