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Practical Solutions to Common Laptop Problems



Here are some of the most common laptop problems our users have experienced with their laptops, and a few ways in which they can be fixed...where possible.

Why does my laptop screen have lines running through it?

This might be because at some clumsy point in its life it has been dropped, banged, bashed or mistreated, either knowingly or not! Laptop screens can be quite fragile things, whether they are LCD or LED. Vertical lines would suggest some damage has occurred to the screen, horizontal lines indicate the same or a problem with the flex cable.

Why does my laptop battery run down so quickly?

When a laptop gets older its battery capacity diminishes. After a year of use it will inevitably not work like it did when you first got it. It might surprise you to learn that a laptop battery might only last for two years, sometimes less. At that point you will be less frustrated if you just bought a new one, rather than lugging around cables and plugs or attempting to prolong it’s life by turning off all of its coolest functions.

I’ve spilled something on my laptop...

You are in luck, or not if you’ve spilled something sticky. We have an entire blog post dedicated to this problem!

Why does my laptop take a long time to shut down?

You have no doubt already defragged your files, but maybe you just have too much data on your hard drive. Most of us ignore the fact that, for our laptops to work quickly and efficiently, at least a third of its hard drive needs to be free as Windows uses it to store temp files whilst running programs. It may just be that the laptop is updating its software or it could be that the laptop is trying to save data to corrupted areas, causing shutdown to fail.

Why does my laptop freeze?

It could be a heat-related problem. Check the fan, it may be that dust or dirt has been drawn into the laptop. Try giving the internals a good clean and listen out for a noisy fan.

My laptop won’t boot up/Windows won’t start

In the words of Corporal Jones (and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy), ‘don’t panic.’ If Windows starts booting but fails you could be facing either a software or hardware problem. You could fix it by initiating a Startup Repair operation or reverting to your Windows installation disk to perform a recovery. If you are still having problems after this, then it may be a hardware problem.

My laptop keyboard doesn’t work!

After years of moving your laptop from dining table to diner, detritus under the keyboard will build up. Instead of writing emails missing the letter ‘o’, you can quite easily, and inexpensively, get it replaced.

Why is my laptop acting weird?

Is it starting to resemble Lee Evans, making erratic movements, suddenly stopping, then going at a hundred miles an hour whilst flipping from screen to screen without any sense of continuity Then perhaps you have some malware or virus problem, or it could be experiencing something else…best bring it in for us to fix.

You can always call Hale IT for all your computer, smartphone and tablet repairs on 0161 941 2525.

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