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Problems When Upgrading to Windows 10

By | Hale IT, Uncategorized |

As Microsoft's Windows 10 rollout continues, we are experiencing as many problems as there are computers at the moment. For anyone with a newer PC, Windows 10 offers a few niggles but nothing...

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How to Stop Adware

By | Computer Support, Computer/IT Support, IT Support |

Like Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway and Costa, adware is everywhere. Unlike those companies, most adware isn't for products you are willing to part your cash for, but all the same, it's hard to...

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What's Wrong with Windows 10?

By | Computer/IT Support, Windows |

Windows 10 was meant to be a smooth and effortless OS upgrade for millions, but not all is well, there have been numerous reports of problems being felt by Microsoft users. Privacy issues aside,...

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How Can I Completely Erase Data from My Computer?

By | article, news, Uncategorized |

We often get asked to recover deleted data, this time we are showing you how to delete it. Permanently.

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Practical Solutions to Common Laptop Problems

By | article, Uncategorized |



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Help! I've Cracked my Smartphone's Screen!

By | Hale IT, iPhone, iPhone Repairs, Uncategorized |

Smartphones meet their maker in a variety of ways; the last three cracked screens for have been putting my iPhone in the same pocket as my car keys, crushing it under the rails of my car seat...

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