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How to Make Your Desktop Wireless - Part 2

When designing your office space, it usually begins with ensuring you have a few necessary things in place. A desk is good, a chair and a computer too. These are things you can't do without. But what about those pesky wires and leads, can you do without those too? This is where Bluetooth becomes your tether-less friend.

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Wireless Furniture

It came as quite a shock one day when perusing the latest IKEA catalogue (don't judge me, we all do it, if only to chuckle at the bizarre names these products have) that there is a section inside entirely devoted to wireless furniture!

There are desks, lamps, bedside tables and even portable charging pads for your mobile phone. All designed to allow you to answer a call without clothes-lining your morning coffee all over your desk. Going Swedish means saying goodbye to messy cables, rogue chargers and hunting for a free socket.

The Drawbacks to going Wireless

It's worth being mindful that sometimes, Bluetooth gadgetry doesn't work like it should; keyboards sometimes freeze, mouse cursors sometimes go missing and are you really sure it'll come out of hibernation mode sometime soon?

Battery charging can also be a constant worry. But so long as you have yourself a well stocked supply of triple As, double As and a drawer full of charging leads, everything's will be alright.

Going the Extra Mile

Remember the days of overhead projectors? Not anymore, now Apple TVs will Airplay all your PC content onto TV screens, and this can include your iTunes back catalogue too.

But if you really want to get ahead of the game, try installing some wireless airports (Aircharge) into your desk. Why have a phone charger when you can sit it on our desk and it charges right where it sits?

While it might be an expensive option having someone take a circular saw to your desk to install one, a cheaper option is having it integrated into another appliance, like your desk light for instance (unless you have already switched to a wireless one!).

Obviously having so many wireless devices around your office will mean it's important that your equipment, especially your PC, is up to the task, as too your Wi-Fi.

If you have any problems setting up your wireless office or are struggling with a home or office network, call Hale IT on 0161 941 2525 to book an appointment.

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