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How to Make Your Desktop Wireless - Part 1

Everyone gets a certain amount of desk envy when exposed to somebody else's orderly desk. For many, an attractive desk means distraction and you won't be able to do your best work on it.

I am a believer of ensuring the desk is left on a Friday the way I want to find it on a Monday; it has to be cleaned, tidy and desk tools replaced where they belong (including removing the chip shop papers from the rubbish bin!). Mondays are hard enough without having another excuse diverting you from work that needs to be done.

Neat and tidy environments can and do influence productivity, but while it's easy to declutter a few papers and files into trays and removing a few coffee cups and stains, striving to remove clumsy wires and leads are the last big headache of your workstation. Here are five ways you can make your desktop wireless:

Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards come in all shapes and sizes; from cheap or expensive, small or big, solid or foldable, ergonomic or membrane-lined. There is an enormous amount of diversity but it's liberating just being able to pick up your keyboard and use it anywhere, without the need to unplug or take up a valuable USB slot! And the best thing? When you don't need it you can pop it in a drawer ready for next time.

Wireless Mouse

Mouse makers don't update their models as regularly as smartphones, but if they did, think of the possibilities. Lasers still track movement, but now they have free-spinning scroll wheels, bluetooth connectivity and wireless dongles. Some even have batteries that'll last you two years! But now it isn't on a leash, can you be sure it'll still be there in the morning? Either take it home with you, leave a named post-it note or store it somewhere you know only you can find it!

Wireless Speakers

Having an audio speaker located wherever you want without the constrictions of trailing wires might once have been a novelty but is now common place. Speakers can be small or large and depending on your setup can connect to your PC, iPad or Apple TV depending on the interconnectivity of your office environment. For the office jokers among you, place your speaker behind and unsuspecting colleague. Still, having your speakers on your desk is one thing, but it won't cut out the din of your co workers.

Wireless Headphones

Better still is a pair of bluetooth headphones, linking to whatever you want them to: phone, PC, Mac, stereo. They can help you drown out the sound of someone else's bad music choices and also cut the boring conversations of work colleagues. But moreover noise cancelling headphones means you can cut office noise, play music, or just concentrate.

Wireless Printer

But let's face it, when you want to print, especially if you work from home, the most awkward thing to find space for is your printer. It can take up a lot of room and usually requires multiple sockets and wires, which are never long enough. Going wireless means you can stick it in a cupboard somewhere, completely out of the way and most importantly, off your desk.

If you enjoyed this blog, check out Part 2 of our guide on making your desktop wireless right here.

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