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Help! I've Cracked my Smartphone's Screen!

Smartphones meet their maker in a variety of ways; the last three cracked screens for have been putting my iPhone in the same pocket as my car keys, crushing it under the rails of my car seat while searching for it and just dropping it in a particularly clumsy episode while opening a door.

When we look at our modern tech-dominated lifestyles it's no wonder cracked screen disasters happen, we use them for almost everything we do, they are almost never out of our hands and never far away from us. So the likelihood of damage is constantly increasing.

We don't care what the reason for shattering your smartphone is:

  • The cat swatted my vibrating iPhone from the kitchen top!
  • A gust of wind blew my phone off the table!
  • It cracked by itself, honest!
  • I fell onto it whilst I was drunk!
  • All my mates beat me at FIFA. I threw it in a moment of anger!
  • It slipped out of my hands after applying sun cream!
  • It was eaten by the dog!
  • I ran over it with the lawn mower!

There are as many reasons for your smartphone screen cracking or shattering as there are different people doing different things.

Very few of us opt for phone insurance and it always happens when we are in the middle of our contract too. I read somewhere that the average time it takes to damage a new smartphone in the UK is just ten weeks!

And it's not as simple as ringing up Sony or Apple as you know they'll charge an arm and a leg and it means posting it and waiting - does anybody wait without their phone these days? It could take weeks fix. So what can we do when all you want someone to do is fix my iPhone quickly?

Recently one of our customers had an issue with their cracked Xperia Z1 smartphone. Their problems weren't any different than anyone else's as it was important for their day to day work and as necessary to them as a bus. All they wanted was to get it fixed and back in their hands as quickly as possible. At Hale IT we understand the necessity for a quick turnaround and we know you want it back as soon as possible.

This is what they had to say about our service:

"Their response was very quick to my online queries, and they were extremely accommodating to my needs. The phone's screen was replaced the very same day and to a high standard. My job sees me working very unsociable hours, and the Hale IT team went above and beyond by hand-delivering my phone back to my address once the repair was complete so it was ready and waiting for me when I returned home that evening. It was well packaged and as good as new!"

He went on to say, "I will definitely be using you again in the future!" We hope it's not for another cracked or smashed screen, but accidents will happen and you can be sure he can rely on another speedy service.

If you have a smashed, cracked, shattered or damaged screen on your iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Lumia, Nexus, LG G Flex, OnePlus One, Huawei Ascend, Motorola Moto, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia or any other smartphone call Hale IT on 0161 348 7880

Or, if we've helped you in the past with any kind of repair job, consider visiting our reviews page on Facebook and tell us about your experience; we'd love to hear back from our customers!

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