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Hale IT expands its B2B service offering and relocates to Hale Village

After seven years in Altrincham, Hale IT is finally making the short journey into Hale Village - a move its owner Graeme Eddie is touting as a return to the "back to basics" approach to business IT support that is much needed in the area.

Already well known as the place for the local Altrincham and Hale populace to get outstanding IT services, Hale IT is moving into the heart of Hale village - and in doing so will expand their current offering of business IT support.

Hale IT in the Village

Hale is immediately recognisable as having a buoyant atmosphere full of gourmet restaurants, trendy bars and as the choice location for affluent Mancunians, footballers and, more recently, media types. The same can also be said for businesses occupying Hale too with retail space highly sought and competitively fought for.

Moving into Hale village makes sense for Hale IT, they have a lot of existing clients located there and their new offices will enable many of them the luxury of having an IT partner right on their doorstep.

Hale IT might have only started in 2009 but owner Graeme Eddie's relationship with South Manchester and Cheshire stretches much further. "Our reputation in the area goes back over 15 years - we know the area well and the businesses in it even better"

Hale IT Moves Its Core Business Offering

While seven years ago the focus of Hale IT was PC repair, giving small business IT support and extending their software and hardware knowledge to computer users when they crashed or suffered viruses, the focus on IT support has changed.

For many IT support businesses 2009 was a time when they diversified their own services. With a lot of businesses being hit by the economic uncertainty of the time there was an increased focus on supporting the home computing market.

But that market is set to change again. And for Hale IT this means a return to their core model of business IT support.

If consumers were once content to spend money on computer repair (having spent a big outlay on the hardware itself), it is certainly true to say it has now become easier to buy off the shelf than get their computers fixed.

But as technology widens its coverage across every industry there is now an even greater need to support businesses looking to strengthen their business aims and IT strategies.

"We are constantly having new clients asking us to provide them with business support, hosted services, new start-ups or new telephone systems. There are other IT companies, but not many who can offer the broad range of IT support  services and experience as we do or enjoy such a good location”.

With it comes the responsibility of trust; a business IT provider has access to valuable databases and information and the having an effective IT strategy to support that business model requires divulging a certain amount of confidential information.

“Right now there seems to be a lack of dependable business IT support, something we excel at, so we are broadening our business IT support services in order to give our business clients the very best service there is.”

"It's never important until it goes wrong!"

IT support always works best when it works proactively; stopping problems before they become problems or identifying when new technology is needed. It is a service Hale IT prides itself with.
Helping to identify when new technology - either hardware or software - is warranted requires a close working relationship between business and IT.

This, as Graeme points out, is where Hale IT fits in:

"We become a business's IT department, offering services guided by our client's needs. Providing the IT support they should have but don't realise it".

"We supply all the services that protect and support the client in the event of breaches of security, network alignment, updating computer software and networking remote and multi-site environments. In effect, everything that could prove critical to the smooth running of the business".

Total Network Solutions From Hale IT

Having effective IT services means identifying problems before they become problems. Whether it is software, hardware, network or telecommunications, having an effective IT partner can save you time, stress and money.

Hale IT offers a total solution, including hardware, software, network, installation and support.

You can contact Hale IT to book in a complete analysis of your company's IT business requirements. Hale IT takes a comprehensive audit which plans your present and future IT requirements keeping you ahead of the competition.

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