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Does Your Business Need A VoIP Phone System?

Are you still using 20th Century phone technology? Perhaps you need a VoIP phone. VoIP is the name given to broadband telephone services or internet phone systems. So, is it time your company upgraded?

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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It allows you to make free (or very low cost) calls using the internet.

This means you can call anywhere in the world over the internet for free, regardless of what system the person on the other end of the line is using.

VoIP is also a digital platform that automatically comes with a host of feature, like voicemail, email, call divert and on-hold music. All as standard and all without the need for a complicated user-manual.

Here are 7 reasons why it could be right for your business:

  • Remote Working

Remote working is increasingly seen as an acceptable and flexible working arrangement. With fewer people filing through the office door, VoIP allows employees to be allocated a single phone number from which they can make calls from anywhere while maintaining a professional image. With all call data and information being stored in cloud-based servers, it makes monitoring and call forwarding options equivalent to being in the office - and your customers are none the wiser.

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  • Cost Saving

Making large volumes of calls can make for an expensive billing, but with VoIP that cost is already included in broadband charges. This is especially true when calling internal phone lines in high-volume or maintaining an international presence.

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  • Call Quality

VoIP systems use more bandwidth than traditional telephone systems but they deliver much better call quality. It gives a clearer sound that transfers to your customers. For a service oriented business, this is an image upgrade that will cost you less to operate. It's like having HD television but not having to pay extra for it.

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  • Conference Calls

If your company spends a large amount of time organising conference calls, having a VoIP system can dramatically reduce the amount of set-up time to get employees, whether working remotely or internationally, in the same meeting room. This can also save large amounts on travelling to office premises for weekly or monthly meetings and can further help improve employee productivity by ending the pre and post meeting coffee chat!

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  • Customer Support (for you, the customer)

Traditional landline phone systems uses technology that can be slow and dated. Customer support is often the prerequisite to getting an engineer in to diagnose the problem, and utilising software to manage and monitor phone calls requires additional software installation. Far easier than to have the entire phone system and monitoring service as one and the same, where customer support is your phone support. Installation is often as easy as plugging an Ethernet cable into your VoIP phone (although wireless versions are available!).

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  • Upgrades and Changes

Some businesses require more employees at different times of the year, e.g. Christmas. Others have a high volume of staff turnover. Instead of having to pay for X number of phone lines, and waiting for the phone company to cancel or add new ones, with VoIP, these phone systems are easily scalable. Adding and removing users is straightforward and immediate.

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  • Employee Friendly

Do you need call forwarding, sending calls to your mobile, diverting, setting up 'on holiday' messages? All of which once took an instruction manual to work out. VoIP calls can be easily forwarded to mobile phones, voice messages sent to you by email and call diverting as easy as finding a contact in your email list.

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What VoIP does for phone systems is basically what most of us are used to already in regards to mobile technology. The system is easily customisable, where location is never an issue. And most importantly, management and monitoring of the system is both comprehensive and easy to use.


So what are you waiting for? Click here for more information.

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