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Laptop, Mac and Computer Repairs in Altrincham

If your computer stops working or is damaged, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will need to replace it with a new one.  At Hale IT, one of the main services that we offer, is computer repair.   These repairs are carried out in-house by our experienced engineers.  Whether you have a desktop PC, a laptop, netbook, tablet or an Apple MacBook, iMac or iPad, we can solve the issue and get them working again for you in a cost effective way.

We understand just how important computers are to our customers and therefore endeavour to return them to you as soon as possible. We quote a two to four day turnaround of repairs to computers, although this is often quicker but may occasionally be longer depending on the  severity of the problem and whether replacement parts are required.  The diagnosis, cost and estimated length of time of the repair will be quoted to you after our initial inspection of the computer, which we aim to complete within 24 hours of receipt of it.

Some common problems which you may experience with your computer include virus infections, no power to the machine or it won’t boot up, computer shuts off or overheats, noisy or clicking hard drives, blue screens or physical damage.

Laptop or MacBook specific problems include damaged or faulty laptop power connectors, broken chargers, faulty batteries, liquid spillages to keyboards, damaged keyboard/missing keys,  broken screens, or physical damage to laptop casing or hinges.

So if your find that your computer is faulty or has been damaged, bring it in to our shop in Altrincham where our experience and professional expertise will result in you quickly leaving with a working machine, which will have cost you far less to repair than the price to replace it.


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