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5 Reasons your business needs a VoIP Phone System


VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” which potentially means free phone calls through the internet, using technology designed for the 21st century, rather than billed calls from your landline, which uses the same kind of technology since the 1970s!

Which is why Hale IT have renewed their partnership as a certified provided of 3CX, one of the biggest providers of VoIP telephony in the UK.

VoIP offers much more than just free phone calls. Here are five big benefits for business (click here for even more reasons to change):

  • It saves money - Making the best use of broadband technology and your land line so they work efficiently as well as making savings on every call you make.
  • Integrates your communications system - You can manage, update, monitor and connect to your contacts through your laptop or PC.
  • Web conferencing - VoIP isn't just for voice calls, it can be used for messaging and video conferencing too. Which brings office voice calls into the same arena as smart phones, enhancing your communications.
  • Improved quality and service - VoIP offers unending statistical analysis of calls and contacts, resulting in better quality information into who and when to make calls to.
  • As flexible as your requirements are - If you need just a few lines and multiple users, fine, if you need individual numbers to individual receivers, no problem. It’s totally flexible.

What you need to know

Firstly, all you need is an internet connection to benefit from VoIP. Even if you only need few landlines, VoIP helps scale usage and lowers the cost too, with upfront and operating costs substantially lower than comparative land line and call charges.

You don’t need expensive new system hardware and VoIP systems can be easily upgraded to suit. With VoIP from 3CX, there are just two versions, standard and pro, and unless you are a hotel or a call centre then the standard version will offer you everything you need with full reporting capabilities, multiple simultaneous calls and unlimited phone extensions.

5 Reasons your business needs a VoIP Phone System

Best for business

There are many ways in which VoIP can benefit your business:

  • Call back feature
  • Integrated management suite from your PC, MAC or laptop
  • Unlimited simultaneous calls, from a minimum of four to as many as you need
  • Call queuing, parking or forwarding
  • Messaging
  • Voice mail
  • Faxes received and sent

Go Mobile

There has been a huge trend in ‘going mobile’ in business and it follows that business software and the use of Cloud-based services have made it possible to conduct business anywhere. This should be the same for your phone calls too. VoIP gives you all the benefits of an office-based phone system while on the move.

Additionally, in the same way as smartphones and tablets, VoIP lets employees make calls and send texts using just a WiFi connection from anywhere in the world, which can save costly mobile phone data allowance charges and call minutes when roaming.

If you are ready to make a big leap forward in the way you contact your clients and customers, choosing VoIP will benefit your business and improve productivity.

To inquire about our VoIP installation services or to get more information, use our contact form or call Hale IT to have a chat with our team on 0161 941 2525.

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