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5 Common Business IT Mistakes You Should Avoid

Businesses depend on their IT systems running smoothly. A breakdown can mean lost sales, missed production deadlines or no email. Given these high stakes what can happen when you get these 5 aspects of your business IT wrong?

1. Cutting IT corners
Should your IT systems fail, it’s usually without warning – and you’re now exposed not just to an IT problem, but a potentially large business problem. Systems find it difficult to access information due to your sluggish database or maybe you have too many users wanting to get on the system at once because you think you can only afford three users access at any one time.

2. Security? We have a virus hacker data breach
One big threat is your security. Having proper network security in place protects against unauthorised access to critical data. It also prevents misuse or modification to data critical to the success and running of your company. Do you know who has access to which files and whether your network is vulnerable from poor security on remote devices like employee laptops, mobiles or tablets?

3. You backed up your data right?
The time comes when your system will fail and when it does you better have your back up systems set up and working. Many businesses neglect this simple, yet crucial step in their business and IT strategy. Whatever information you have that is the lifeblood of your business, make sure it is backed up continuously. For example, the lifeblood of the NHS is its patients. So if the power goes, you expect the backup generators to kick in. Setting regular automated backups is important if you run a small business, where data recovery can be painful, expensive and threatens the stability of it. Where are your backup generators and do you know how to switch them on?

4. Is your IT social?
Becoming increasingly aligned with IT is social networking. Networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are awesome for developing an online presence. But participating isn't always straightforward. Wholly automated or wholly opinionated can make your company less engaging. Ensuring you have your social networks included within your IT strategy can help promote successful campaigns. Stand alone systems where your social media guy has the ability to live-tweet their Friday night activities in Legends nightclub won't help either a small or large business.

5. Getting the wrong (or having no) tech support
Let face it, we all know a guy that can sort out our IT problems every now and then. But realistically, with tech integrating into every part of even the smallest of businesses, how long can we keep calling 'Dave' for a quick fix? Using less IT support is the wrong route to be taking in an increasingly social, technical and digital age. Calling out for IT support only when you need it - the last resort - won't help when you are looking to expand your business or get creative. Better to have an IT professional in-house or have some sort of partnership with an IT services company.

When small businesses have significant problems within their existing IT system it can leave themselves open to some sort of downtime or worse, exposing weak system security. Poor backup strategy and cutting corners with their data or having little or no tech support can be the final nail in the coffin for getting your business IT wrong.

However, thanks to less expensive technology even small businesses can increase their IT capabilities whilst reducing their threat exposure to system securities or operational deficiencies. Get in touch if you have any IT problems you think we can help with.

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